Stair nosing for thick carpet and ceramic tiles

Stair nosing for thick acoustic carpet and wood

This stair nosing for rebating is custom made for stairs that may be made of wood. Also the steps may have a floor covering on them which is quite thick such as rubber, acoustic vinyl or carpet that has underlay.

Because the strong stair nosing has a large rebate or recess at the back and at the front it is easy to install . This nosing is perfect for recessing into ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles are typically 10 mm thick. With this nosing you can easily recess the tile into the back and front for a flush mount finish.
Stair nosing for rebating into steps to sit flush with the floor covering

This means that the stair nosing for rebating  is ideal for timber thick vinyl such as acoustic floor coverings and rubber

It is hard to find a nosing that can cater for thick floor coverings such as:

  • Rubber
  • Acoustic carpet tiles
  • Vinyl plank laminate
  • 10 mm ceramic tiles [ recessed ]
  • …and other thick floor coverings.