Recessed stair nosing

Flush mounted stair nosing

This 413 recessed stair nosing is designed to be elegantly recessed into steps

Stair nosing 413 has a narrow 58 mm Tread with a 10 mm riser

For architects or designers who dont want the stair nosing to be obvious but must adhere to AS1428  2009   standards, then this  rebated stair nosing is a popular choice

It is the same as the popular 412, but this  stair nosing 413 can be flush mounted . The 412 on the other hand cannot be rebated as it diminishes at the back therefore making it surface mount.

What we mean by recessing is that a rebate is made in the step and the stair nosing is fixed into it making is flush mounted

The image on the right also shows that of a stair insert being rebated into the step which often results in a stunning look and is an inexpensive way to provide maximum slip resistance and safety. View our range of stair nosing inserts

This rebated stair nosing, can be recessed into the steps and you have a choice of all of the different inserts 

stair nosing for recessing
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