Stair nosing for bricks and concrete

Nosings which are suitable for bricks and concrete

Why do we need a wide stair nosing for brick , pavers and concrete ?

This nosing is excellent for stairs that are chipped or damaged on the edge of the steps. Sometimes when repairing steps and doing remedial repairs we find that the mortar has also often fallen out.

Stair nosing for bricks and concreteSometimes a builder needs to choose a wide stair nosing to cater for this. Builders have often been restricted to FRP as FRP offers a wide tread.

FRP  is an industrial stair nosing. Consequently having a choice of a very strong aluminium wide tread enables a much neater and more pleasing finish.

One of these inserts is 54 mm. The other 20 mm insert is designed for extra strength and slip resistance.  The The 19 series is suitable  for outdoor and  eternal applications.

The 15 series is also a wide nosing

Stair nosing for bricks and concrete

stair nosings for bricks and concrete