Compliant stair nosing

Stair Nosing- 68 mm tread with a 10 mm riser

With the standards for compliant stair nosing for Design Access and Mobility AS1428 2009 compliant stair nosing is very important. This stair nosing is suitable for all surfaces. It is installed on ceramics, porcelain , wood, concrete and terrazzo.

Anodised silver stair nosing Perth with black ripple trim insert

Because this stair nosing has a 10 mm face or riser,  the steps have to be level and even.

You cannot install a stair nosing with a 10 mm riser on concrete steps which may be uneven or a chipped at the front. There is not enough tolerance to cater for small undulations.

Additionally this compliant stair nosing is also not recommended for bull nosed steps.

If you need a nosing with a bigger face or front then perhaps you should look at 410.

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