Carpet tile stair nosing

Nosing designed for carpet tiles

This nosing is suitable for stairs where the floor covering on the stairs is carpet tiles.

The nosing has a specially designed rebate to allow for a typical 2 mm carpet tile to be installed at the back and it also has a rebate at the front. Because the front has a rebate this allows for the carpet tile to be tucked neatly away.  As a result the stair nosing is easy to install.

Additionally the stair nosing is suitable for vinyl planks or for sheet vinyl


This nosing is very strong with its ribbed under surface. Consequently  it provides maximum stability and safety .

Furthermore this nosing profile is available in anodised aluminium, gold annodised clear or black anodised.

Other stair nosing profiles that are also suitable for carpet are 417 carpet tile and carpet stair nosing  or for broadloom carpet 414 carpet stair nosing

Perth stair nosing for carpet