Stair nosing compliance and standards . Products including nosing extrusions, strips and inserts

Stair nosing inserts are from our Jelly Bean
and Mineral range of inserts.

How easy is it to offer you many choices in our carborundum and epoxy range of inserts? Just choose the nosing, then choose one of the 10 non slip inserts to achieve many different colours and textures.

Stair nosing compliance . AS1428 2009 standards for Design Access and Mobility.

The importance of having opaque risers on steps.Stair nosing compliance

Stair nosing complianceSome people can only differentiate in various degrees of black and white.
That is why we need to have a scale, and the magical 30% difference in LRV percentages.Stair nosing LRV

Stair nosing compliance
……Now I think I understand ……

I hated fractions in maths but this is all about percentages …!

Which carpet tile provides the correct LRV value when comparing it to a stair nosing strip or stair nosing insert.

Access consultants fall back on the “solid band of colour” stated in the AS 142902009 Standards

Perhaps we need to understand why, and question as to whether or not they do comply in terms of LRV

Patterned floor covering finishes really affect the type of stair nosing you may choose.

When trying to achieve the 30 point difference you must take into consideration how light is reflected on patterned surfaces .

Some LRV values for plain floor finishes will surprise you. You need to take that into consideration when trying to work out the 30% or point rule.

Installing stair nosing
How to – installation videos

installing stair nosing

installing stair nosing on a fire escape

Installing stair nosing on fire escapes.  When we installed the stair nosing we had to  drill a pilot hole, drill a larger hole, insert a plug, place nosing insitu, and then screw in the screw. Once that process was completed the stair nosing inserts could then be installed.

Why do you have to use the installing stair nosingpunch method when installing stair nosing on steps that have broadloom carpet.

Step by step instructions on installing stair nosing on broadloom carpet where a “punching” method is not required.

Stair nosing is easy to install when  using Soudal Adhesive

Why use Soudal?

  • Very high initial tack
  • No primer required
  • Good resistance to water, aliphatic solvents, hydrocarbons, ketones, esters, alcohols, diluted mineral acids and alkalis and (salt) water.
  • UV Resistant
  • Good adhesion on wet substrates
  • Elastic bonding to allow for contraction and expansion
  • All weather conditions

Stair Nosing Compliance

Stair Nosing Standards

BCA Rules and Regulations

There is a lot of confusion in regards to the AS1428 2009 Design for Access and Mobility standards. I have put together some videos to explain the standards. We often groan and dont understand why we must adhere to the standards. The videos will help you understand why.

I discuss

  • Stair nosing Luminance contrast or LRV
  • The opaque stair nosing rule
  • and the issue of the 10 mm face on a stair nosing.

We install a lot of nosing thus I thought it would be useful to post some videos on stair nosing installation.several how to videos on installing stair nosing.

If you need to discuss these rules in regards to your stair nosing please give me a call.

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