Stair Nosing Perth

Stair nosing Perth have designed stair nosing inserts that are easy to swap and change to suit all designs in architecture today.

We researched many products which would provide the highest slip resistance in a wet and dry environment.
As a result we tested 4 ranges of stair nosing inserts.

As our stair nosing inserts are all 54 mm you can choose any of our 30 inserts to go into one of our 10 stair nosing profiles.

You have 10 options to choose from, a nosing for all purposes and a selection of carborundum, epoxy, and PVC Jelly Bean    Mineral ranges in over 30 colours !

Stair nosing PerthWe have 12 different stair nosings for all stairs. Our nosings come in two part, the first is the actual nosing, and then an insert which is also made of aluminium. The aluminium  insert can be installed in any of our profiles. Because of this you have multiple choices of colour combinations.

Looking for something new and unique in stair nosing?

Perth stair nosing

Stair nosing Perth

What I love about this range is that you have such a choice of finishes, like black, gold and silver stair nosing. I can choose from many different designs of inserts all NATA approved with a high slip rating of P4 and P5 rating.

We wanted to create something unique; something that was fit for purpose without sacrificing style.

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